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@mperegrym: Working with @priscillafaia is exhausting.


@mperegrym: Working with @priscillafaia is exhausting.

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Special Agent Dana Scully, M.D.

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Sarah Manning struggling with glasses appreciation post

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"The easy part is making out with Gaby, cause she’s hot… I’ve kissed Gaby so many times, I love kissing Gaby. She has those soft, lovely lips, and she’s an adorable girl."

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Sarah + impersonating her genetic identicals

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Postcards from cities in A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones.


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I could never entirely predict you.

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orphan black meme | 1 otp

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Being adorable - Sherri and Teri on Stage at the GLAAD Awards 2014.

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"I think if Gail had been born deaf, dumb and with no eyeballs she still would have been drawn to Holly. It’s not about gender in this case. It’s about when your heart splits open and it’s guts are splatter all over the walls. It’s about falling in love." — Charlotte Sullivan

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orange is the new black season 2 trailer x

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